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The Illinois Governors: Mostly Good and Competent

Book cover: The Illinois Govenors Mostly Good and CompetentThe Illinois Governors: Mostly Good and Competent (Third Edition)
Just Released

ISBN-13: 978-0-938943-26-6
ISBN-10: 0-938943-26-X

They could be scoundrels:

  • One just went to prison
  • Two served time
  • Three beat the rap

But they could be visionary leaders:

  • One freed his slaves
  • One helped the new state get free of debt
  • One changed the face of modern state government

Or, were they simply a cross section of the political ideas and the social mores of their times as The Illinois Governors:  Mostly Good and Competent by Taylor Pensoneau and Peggy Boyer Long concludes?  On the whole, authors agree that Illinois’ governors were mostly good and competent.  But do you know them?

This third edition of the popular 1988 book, initially titled Mostly Good and Competent Men and originally written by Robert Howard, the late newspaperman and historian, introduces you to all of the state’s chief executives, from Shadrach Bond to Rod Blagojevich.  This book offers lessons from a rich and colorful history punctuated by the life stories of the mostly good and competent governors of Illinois.


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